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  1. Hey Jon DeMayo, did you really name your kid after Colt McCoy?

    It’s bad enough to have you for a dad, but to be named after a loser?

    Another swing and a miss!

    LMFAO INDEEDEE!!!!!!!!

    • Yet another swing and a miss. What a punk loser, did not even get the right person,lol.
      Wayne I will be more than happy to meet you. So come on down to Austin. Other than tgat I do not have time for a jealous troll like you.
      So put up or shut up little coward poppet.

  2. What’s wrong, Jon?

    You mad, bro?

    You would think a guy in computers would be smarter than you.

    Go be a good parent to Colton, instead of embarrassing yourself on here.

    Is little Colton retarded like his daddy?

    Another swing and a miss!


  3. It’s really a shame that you’re going to end up in prison for harassing the wrong person. So come meet me little coward. Put up or shut up.
    And by the way dummy your email address was on the post you put on this page. Makes you very easy to find. But you call this guy and see what happens and I’ll be more than happy to testify against you in court.

  4. If only I use that email address! Or have in many years!

    But I have your phone number, would you like me to call?

    How many guys…..

    – live in Austin, Texas
    – use the moniker Studdmuffins
    – have a five year old son

    My guess is only one.

    By the way, saw your picture. I might would stop the tough guy talk. You look just like the flaming homosexual that posts your moronic ramblings.

    What happened to
    Coltons mom?

    LMFAO indeed!

  5. You call that number I am sure he wull be very surprised. And you are lying about the email. I think I will call him and tell him what is going on. I think we should both file a police report on you for cyber stalking. You should be careful here. You are crossing a line you cannot cone back from.

  6. You and Colton have a good night.

    Now I know where to go if I visit Austin.

    Should I ask for Jon DeMayo or Studdmuffins when I call your number?

    LOL at you pretending that’s not you. Not too many Studdmuffins in Austin with a 5 year old son.

    I thought you said Studdmuffins was a joke name?

    I’d stick with Jon, and try to be a better dad especially if you’re single! Lest little Colton grow up to be as dumb as dad!

    Remember when to use “to” and “too”.

    Night, Jon DeMayo!

    LMFAO indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

    • Again please feel free to call him and make a fool of yourself. I on the other hand will be contacting the police and letting them know about your fixations and that you have the wrong person. And giving them your email and IP address that you so generously provided me. You have crossed a line that you cannot come back from. And the worst part about it that you have the wrong person and all your facts are incorrect. You are very deluded and a cyber stalker. And thank you once again for proving everything that I said about you was completely true! I strongly suggest that you get an attorney as you are most definitely going to need one.

    • Hi Wayne,
      I am surprised that I have not heard back from you with some new inane response to my last post.
      Just wanted you to know that I contacted the police in Austin and filed a report about you. I was mostly concerned because I wanted to let them know that you had for some reason miss identified me and that you might be in contact with the wrong person. Well it turns out that since you are in another state that this is not a local crime but a federal one. So I was put in touch with the F.B.I. Just wanted to let you know as I guess at some point you will find out who I am as I will more than likely be testifying against you in court. So have fun thinking about that. And do look forward over the next few weeks when every time your phone rings or there is knock at your door that it might be the authorities there to arrest you.
      Sleep tight Wayne!!!

      • LOL ^_^ Arrest me for what? Revealing your real name?

        If only Charlie Strong’s name had been available since he’s a losing coach at Texas!

        I believe your story as much as I believe your name is not Jon DeMayo.

        If anything, you’re the one who threatens violence. What’s wrong, I thought you were a tough guy.

        I thought you said Studdmuffins was a joke name? Then why do you use it everywhere?

        Poor Muffins… I thought you were a tough guy!

        Have a good night, I wonder why you took down those pictures….

        Sleep tight Jon!

      • I was not going to bother with a piece of trash like you anymore but the authorities said that I should as they gather more evidence against you.
        You are such an idiot!!!t Has nothing to do with revealing a name, albeit the wrong one at that. What it has to do with is stalking and harassing.
        Too bad that you were so stupid that in your original post to WordPress you used a real email account associated with you and an IP address.
        And it is really too bad for you that you have the wrong person and that this new email you created is a dollar short and a day late.
        So you keep thinking that person is me. Perhaps you should call him and make even more of a fool of yourself.
        The authorities found your veiled threats very disturbing.
        So you sleep tight also as you wait for someone to show up at your doorstep or your job at the drive thru at McDonald’s to arrest you.
        What an obsessed deluded moron.
        Nice new name by the way since they barred you from football talk under your other name.
        What a loser,

      • P.S.
        So how is the weather in Georgia and how many minutes did it take you before you flunked out of the University of Charleston Billy?
        All the above information graciously provided by local law enforcement as they build their case against you and prepare an arrest warrant on multiple charges.

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